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Lake Norman Realty Vacation Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. LAKE NORMAN REALTY, INC. reserves the right to confirm or cancel any reservation.
  2. CHECK-IN is at 4:00 pm EST and CHECK-OUT is at 10:00 am EST. No early check-ins or late check-outs are allowed.
  3. THIS IS A NON-SMOKING PROPERTY - Anyone found to be smoking within the property will be subject to loss of their security deposit. Any damage to the property over the security deposit amount will be applied to your credit card.
  4. PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED - Pets found to be in the unit without prior approval are subject to loss of the security deposit. Any damage to the property over the security deposit amount will be applied to your credit card.
  5. ABSOLUTELY NO PARTIES ALLOWED - Anyone found to be in violation of this rule is subject to loss of their security deposit. Any damage to the property over the amount of security deposit will be applied to your credit card. Any complaints filed by neighbors or filed with the police department against the tenant may result in a fine and/or forfeiture of the right to remain at the property for the term of the reservation.
  6. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY - The maximum number of guests cannot exceed the limit stated on the contract for the property. If the Tenant is found to be in violation of the maximum number of occupants, he/she is subject to loss of their security deposit.
  7. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS – Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or any rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in.  Tenants must be at least 25 years of age to reserve a vacation rental.
  8. FURNISHINGS/EQUIPMENT – Every effort has been made to assure that the description of the property is accurate. We cannot be responsible for changes made from time to time to the furnishings or equipment. Our vacation properties are privately owned and reflect the tastes of the property owners, not Lake Norman Realty Property Management.  The conditions and furnishings will vary.  No refunds can be given based upon dissatisfaction of a property’s décor or condition.

    Although the appliances, electronics, cable, and other equipment in the property should be in working order, if there is a problem, please immediately report it to our office and every effort will be made to resolve the issue. We cannot issue refunds due to mechanical failure.

  9. WIFI and CABLE - WiFi and cable television services are offered “as is” without warranty. We cannot guarantee the cable service, channel package, or type of TV (whether TVs are smart TVs for streaming) provided by the owner. Although we are diligent at checking the cable and WiFi services at the vacation rental properties, we cannot guarantee that there may not be disruption to service, or that the WiFi is free of viruses, malware, or any other type of security risk that is possible with wireless internet access.  No refunds will be offered if part or all of these services (cable or WiFi) are unavailable.  You are welcome to contact our office should this occur, and we will be happy to contact the cable company to attempt to fix the issue.  Please do not disconnect services or move electronics including cable boxes and TVs from their original locations. 
  10. CLEANING – Our maid service is instructed to do a basic cleaning after each guest has checked out. Upon check-out all guests are expected to leave the home in the same condition as they found it when they arrived – house in orderly condition, dishes cleaned and put away, trash taken out to trash bins, and outdoor areas including docks free of debris and if water toys were provided, that they were put away in designated areas. Should excessive cleaning be needed after your departure, the additional cleaning fees will be deducted from your security deposit.  Any additional fees for cleaning that exceed the security deposit will be charged to your credit card.
  11. OFF LIMITS - There may be rooms or areas in individual properties that are locked for owner use only. Please do not try and open these doors. Any tampering with the locks will result in a charge of $250.00 to your credit card.
  12. WATERCRAFT (BOAT / JET SKI) RENTAL: There are properties that have boats and/or jet skis parked at the dock or boat slip. THEY ARE NOT TO BE USED DURING YOUR STAY! Tenants will be responsible to securing their own Boat or Jet Ski rental with a local company and the Tenant assumes all risk involved with such rental. Lake levels for Lake Norman can change at any time. It is recommended that the tenant check with local watercraft rental companies to get information on lake levels at the time of their reservation. Lake Norman Realty, Inc. does not guarantee a tenant’s use of watercraft at any given property if the water level of Lake Norman is lower than normal.  No refunds will be given for the inability to use a watercraft due to a low lake level.
  13. WATER & SEPTIC – Most of the vacation homes on Lake Norman are connected to a well and septic tank for their water and sewer source.

    WATER:    If a property is connected to a well, this means that water pressure may fluctuate when multiple water sources are being used at the same time.  This is not considered an emergency and is normal for sinks or showers to have lower pressure when there is a higher demand on the system.

    SEPTIC:   Toilets can be sensitive with septic systems. Keep all plumbing fixtures free of sanitary wipes, including but not limited to baby and cleaning wipes as well as paper towels and feminine products.  Garbage disposals also must be used cautiously with septic systems.   DO NOT pour cooking grease into any garbage disposal or sink and DO NOT put large amounts of food down the garbage disposal. Grease and food should be disposed of in the trash can to avoid damaging the garbage disposal or septic system.

  14. THIS RENTAL IS PRIVATELY OWNED - The owner and Lake Norman Realty, Inc. are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illness that occurs while on the premises or using its facilities. The owner and Lake Norman Realty, Inc. are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guests. By accepting this reservation, the tenant is expressly assuming the risk of any harm to any guests or damage caused to the property by any guests that the tenant invites onto the premises.
  15. CHILDREN – While Lake Norman Realty, Inc. welcomes children, it is the responsibility of the parents to supervise all activities of children, so they do not sustain injuries or cause damage to the property. This includes supervision around all appliances, in stairways and on the decks, dock, pier and water. By accepting this reservation, the tenant agrees that all adult guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm to under age minors arising from the use of the premises.
  16. NO COPIES OF KEYS ALLOWED - A $350.00 rekey fee will be charged to your credit card if it determined that keys were copied for the property or if a key is lost.
  17. SECURITY ALARMS & CAMERAS – Please be advised that some properties have security systems in place that may include the use of cameras. These cameras are visible to occupants and may be located inside or outside the property. The systems that utilize cameras are for security purposes only.

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